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LGBTQ+: Informed practice working with adults who identify as queer, trans, or aces. Online sessions are confidential and allow you to do art therapy from a safe space.

Christel Bodenbender, MA

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I am a certified art therapist with years of art therapy and counselling experience. I am also a registered yoga teacher and energy healer. So, you might say, healing is in my blood.

I have facilitated art therapy courses and advised theses at Canadian art therapy institutes.

I worked in mental health and counselling settings at Victoria Mental Health and Greater Victoria Citizens Counselling Centre (both Victoria, BC, Canada). But emotional and mental wellness shouldn't require you to have to go far. Let's meet online via video sessions.

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An integrated approach

Easy and quick to connect from anywhere

All you need is a mobile phone/tablet or computer. My business is located in London, Ontario, Canada, but you can be anywhere in the world, remote or in major urban center, and we can connect and start your healing process through online art therapy. Sessions are confidential.

Contact me when you need support

Since online art therapy is a form of telehealth, we don't have to meet at any particular place, just contact me when you need support and I'll get back to you to set up a full meeting as soon as possible.

What is Art Therapy?

How does Online Art Therapy work?

Creative expression is not only part of the healing journey, but in each session we will also talk about the art you created, letting you share it with me. Sharing is safe, as I am here to hold the space for you.

Additionally, you can do artwork during the time between sessions and then share them with me next time we connect. This allows you to stay engaged in the healing process.

Video interview - How does art therapy work online:

Check out more videos at my youtube channel: myonlinearttherapy.


Individual sessions are 60 minutes and currently a low Canadian $60/hour for Canadian clients and US$60/hour for clients outside of Canada [I am open to talk about a lower rate based on your financial situation].

The intake session is free.

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Telehealth Technicalities - Session Setup

Connect with me from anywhere in the world. No need to drive to a location, all you need is either a computer, tablet, or phone, a stable internet connection and a browser (e.g., Chrome or Safari).

I have worked at an IT Service Desk for many years and will be able to guide you through the easy steps involved.


I can provide art therapy in English or German.


Set up a free intake session

Email: info (at)
Phone: 1-833-333-2585